Too Weird For Me

I was out with friends and there was a guy I was kind of flirting with. He was a friend of someone else I knew there, but we had never met before. We all decided to go out dancing and drinking. He and I were having such a good time that we decided to stay when the others went home. Eventually, we went out to his car and he was all over me. He was pretty drunk and I was getting very turned off by him and his roaming hands. I got out and started to walk home when another guy who had been in our original group drove by and offered me a ride. He was a perfect gentleman and I was very attracted to him. We ended up in bed at my place and it was great. The next day, I found out the two guys were brothers! The drunk one called me up screaming at me for having sex with his brother and not him. Then, the other one that I really liked called up and said we should have a threesome so that his brother didn't feel left out. Too weird for me. I dumped them both!

— Rachel, 22

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