Fear of Smell

Last summer I was on a date with a guy whom I'd just met. We had lunch together, and afterward I decided to drop by the store to pick up a few things. Well, while we were walking through the aisles, an old woman stopped us and asked if we would help her pick out a deodorant because her nose didn't smell as well as it used to, and she didn't want to smell bad. It was kind of weird, but hey, why not? That's what I thought. I picked up a few different kinds that I liked and gave them to her to check out. She opened the first one up and screamed, "Ew, this smells like pussy! Why would I want to smell like that? I'm too old to even bend over and reach down there anymore! Why would I want to smell like I'd been messing with myself?" My date's mouth dropped open, and I could tell he was just as stunned as I was. People had heard her throughout the store and were trying not to laugh. I asked her to try the next one, and then we ran out of the store. My date thought this was hilarious, and it took him awhile to stop laughing. He and I are still dating, and he has all of our friends calling me "kitty-clean."

— Gail, 28

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