Big Baby

Being recently divorced, I wanted to ease back into the dating scene slowly. I met a man named Jared who was younger than me, but he said it didn't matter. We chatted online, then on the phone. Other than exchanging pictures, we never saw each other in person for the first three months of our relationship. Jared seemed caring and compassionate, and I was falling for him. Finally, we agreed to meet for dinner at a local restaurant. Since he lived about two hours away, he got a hotel room for the night so he could have a few drinks. Dinner went very well, and he invited me back to his room. I accepted and was silently hoping we would end up in bed. It had been a long time and Jared seemed to be everything that I was hoping for in a man. Sure enough, once in the room, we began kissing and slowly undressing one another. I got down to his pants and unbuckled them, sliding them down. To my horror, I realized he was wearing a diaper! He quickly explained that it was a fetish of his and that it made him even more excited. I was rather excited myself at that point and didn't want to stop, so I just ripped the thing off and we continued. The sex was great and we laid in one another's arms afterwards for quite some time. I had all but forgotten the diaper in my happiness. Suddenly, he leaned over, kissed me, and whispered that he wanted me to re-diaper him. Then he said he would mess in the diaper — for me! — and I could clean him up. The thought of it all revolted me and I told him no. Eventually, we broke up because he couldn't stop with the diapers and I couldn't get past my horror of them on an adult man. I've heard of big babies before, but this was a first for me!

— Rachel, 41

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