Disastrous Date

I had a disaster of a date once! We went to a nice restaurant and the couple next to us had a big fight. Well, the guy got up and stumbled right into our table. All the food got dumped right on me! Then, after getting our meal for free and a promise from the guy to pay for my dry cleaning, we left. We thought we would just take a nice walk. However, I tripped on a small hole in the sidewalk and broke my ankle. We spent four hours in the emergency room, and then he took me home. He helped me to my couch quietly and we kissed goodnight. I was thinking about how sweet he had been all night and the kiss was a long one. Just then, my roommate let out a yell and cracked him on the shoulder with a baseball bat, thinking he was a burglar and trying to hurt me. Back to the emergency room we all went, but fortunately he only had a bruise. My roommate felt bad, so she offered to let him sleep in her room for the night and she would go on the couch. The next morning, he made us both breakfast. I think I fell in love with him watching him try to crack eggs with his sore shoulder and arm. We ended up getting married about a year later, but we still talk about the disastrous date!

— Maggie, 31

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