Friends And Lovers

When I was a kid, there was a neighbor boy who became my best friend. We went to the same college, and both of us had a dating slump in our sophomore year. We were in my room one night, both of us complaining how horny we were, so we decided we could be friends with benefits instead of just friends. It was awkward and uncomfortable, but we did manage to have sex a couple of times. I got pregnant, of all things, from him, and we gave the baby up to adoption secretly. That was ten years ago. We both got married, had kids, and everything else while still being friends. He got divorced three years ago, and I just recently got divorced. We got together and ended up having sex again, but this time it was really good. I guess we both got better being married and all. All I can think about now is sex with him, and he says he feels the same. We've talked about dating, too. Who knew we'd end up together? Sometimes best friends do make good lovers!

— Olivia, 39

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