Breaking Up ... Again

I have been totally in love with this guy for almost two years. We have done everything together, and he even took me to Disneyland for my fiftieth birthday. We talked every night for at least two hours about everything under the sun. There was no lack of communication between the two of us. We have never had an argument or bad words, and we had a great sexual relationship. He just broke up with me for the fourth time last night. He even drove an hour to tell me he couldn't be in a relationship. Yet he said he still loved me, dreamed about me, and was always missing me. Each time he breaks up with me, he drives and tells me face-to-face, watches me fall apart, and then leaves. The last three times he broke up with me, it only lasted a day or two. I'm not sure if he just enjoys hurting me or if he just likes the drama, but he always breaks up for the same reason. Anyone that knows us says that we belong together. We are always laughing, hugging, having fun, and each of us enjoys life to its fullest. My heart is broken. I'm still in love and really not sure why it does this to me.

— Wanda, 56

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