My Bad Date Story

I chatted online with this guy for almost two months. We hit it off very well, so I thought I should take it to the next step and go on a real date. He came to pick me up for our date and brought a friend (guy) with him. We drove forever thinking of a place to go. I was getting a little bummed because I thought he would have planned our evening much better than that. I finally suggested a dance club where I had a buddy who worked there. He would let us in for free. So, we parked his car about three blocks away and walked to the club. I was about to go inside looking for my friend when my 'date' said, "Shoot, I forgot my cell phone in my car. I'll go get it." He went with his friend, and I waited outside on the street. And I waited and waited. He never came back. The most humiliating part was that I had to wake up my brother to come and pick me up because I couldn't get a cab, and my buddy wasn't working at the club that night.

— Loretta, 23

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