From This Day Forward

I went and met this guy from the internet. I know I'm an idiot, but hear me out. So, he tells me to meet him five hours away. He said he'd be filling up my tank and said we'd have the best time with unlimited booze. Since my car does well on gas, I said why not? I go there, and he gives me twenty-four dollars, a far cry from the sixty I was promised. Anyway, we drank a few shots. Then, ten minutes later, he said he was going on a beer run, which turned out to be a lie, and that he probably wouldn't be back. So, I was pissed and drunk. Before he left, he did say I could chill in his cold living room since he didn't want people to be in his bedroom while he was gone. He left me alone with his seven roommates. So, I decided to plot revenge. I was alone. Of course, nobody was talking to me. So, I did the unthinkable. He said no smoking cigarettes in the house. So, I emptied my entire ashtray (which was a cup of cola I had thrown my cigs in) in front of his bedroom door since he locks it. I hawked major loogies on his door. I urinated in a cup and tossed it on his door. Then I left him a hate letter saying I drove all this way for nothing and that he was the biggest, most selfish a**hole I'd ever met! Nobody knew! Then I left. The next day, he sent me an email. He told me that I was the ugliest person he'd ever seen, that I was fat, and that he didn't really go on a beer run but had gone to his parents' house because he couldn't stand hanging out with me. He said all these mean things. So, although it did take twelve hours out of my life, I gathered this from my experience; From this day forward, I will never travel hours out of my way for a guy, especially one I hardly know. I don't care how dope he sounds or what he promises. Beware, girls!

— Diana, 21

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