Blind Date Bust

My friend set me up on this blind date. She told me he was a family friend of hers and I would like him. So, he shows up in plaid pants! I have never seen anything so hideous, but I went out anyway. He took me to a movie. In the movie, he kept talking to everyone around us and embarrassing me by telling them he was just waiting for us to be alone so he could see the rest of my body. I just wanted to go home. Then the movie was over, and he realized I was kind of mad. So, he said, "Let me make it up to you." So, we went to a restaurant and the meal was pretty good. I was just starting to kind of relax when he stands up and announces to the whole place he is in total love with me. I got up, ran out, and called my friend for a ride home. He kept saying he was sorry, but I had had enough.

— Kathryn, 21

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