Online Lies

My best friend had a great experience with an online dating service, so I decided to try it myself. The second time out, I met a great guy. As I was really not inclined to get into a serious relationship, I let him lead the way thinking I couldn't get hurt that way. He said he loved me, and I opened my heart. He claimed to have closed all his online profiles, and I did as well. I never questioned it. After quite a few wonderful months, I was talking to a girlfriend whose live-in beau had been cheating on her and finding the women online. I got worried and wondered if I shouldn't check on my guy. I put it out of my head until one day when it got the best of me. Lo and behold, there he was on another online dating site. And to top it off, he had obviously been keeping it updated the entire time we were together with new pictures! I'm absolutely heartbroken because he is one of the few loves of my life, but I'm glad I found out now. So much for online dating!

— Teresa, 25

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