Rumors About Rebounds

Shortly after a painful breakup, I decided to get back out on the dating scene, accepting a date that would not have normally made the cut. Confidence is one of the most attractive features in a man, but he was certainly lacking that. First, we went to Dairy Queen for "dinner," yet he refused to tell me if it was for food or ice cream. Obviously, we ended up with different things and awkwardness ensued. Next, we headed to the movies, where he insisted on parking his beloved car in the farthest possible spot so that no one could damage it. As we reached the theater, he said I should choose the movie--yet he wouldn't even tell me which ones he had already seen! Angry, I selected a poorly rated cartoon, commenting, "Well, I'm guessing you haven't watched this." Unfortunately, we ended up being the only two in the theater. You would think that he would have picked up on the fact that the date hadn't gone well, but he proceeded to drop by my house many times in the next few days, until I finally told him the full story. The next day, he asked out my friend. The lesson? Rebounds are always as bad as they're rumored to be.

— Kelli, 24

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