I had recently broken up with my boyfriend, a serious but short-lived relationship. I have as many male friends as I do female. One lonely Friday night, my roommate went out, and I sat at home. The doorbell rings and it's one of my best guy friends with a fancy bottle of liquor and bourbon glasses in hand. He said he just came by to comfort me, but he was wearing a button-up shirt and smelling of cologne, which was totally unlike him! As we had a drink and listened to music, he confessed that he had had a crush on me for years. I told him I had as well. Just then, the doorbell rings again. Lo and behold, it's another of my best guy friends, freshly showered and dressed up with flowers in hand. The two guys, being very good friends, just stood there and looked at each other. After an awkward two minutes or so, they both go out in the hallway and close the door behind them. I waited about ten minutes, and they finally come back in to let me know they were BOTH leaving! I found out later that they decided they should both leave because neither wanted to be the one to go. So, once again, there I sat all alone on a Friday night. Over the next five years, I ended up dating both of them, but not at the same time!

— Christy, 33

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