Recuperating Costs

A few years back, I met a man who seemed to be a Christian, family man, who was a widower. I started to see him and immediately learned he was, well, cheap. No going out to dinner (he can cook better) and movies only on TV. He told me that I used too much water in the shower, and he showed me the "correct" way to do laundry! You get the idea. I mean, for real! I was ready to end this boredom when the 'cherry on the cake' was told to me. He and his adult daughter, who is thirty-six, confided in me that when his wife died, they wanted to have her porcelain-over-gold caps removed to recoup some of their cost! I AM NOT KIDDING. I still have no idea what they were going to do with them; melt them? Mount them? Wear them? Sell them on eBay? I screamed so loud and ran upstairs to pack. He followed saying, "Well, we didn't DO it." Then he said, "You make us look bad." I said, "Are you for real? You look bad because you are bad!" I never moved so fast in my life! I am still in a state of shock over the ultimate in controller behavior!

— Jes, 45

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