Worth Waiting For?

I met a guy today that I had been emailing and talking to on the phone for a couple of weeks. We had planned to meet for coffee. I think this is a good way to meet someone the first time because it can be short if you don't like each other, or you can spend all day together with each other if you like doing other things afterward. My date was running late. He overslept after he had already gotten up and emailed me. We met an hour and a half later. That is forgivable, though. When I got to the mall, I called him to let him know I was there. He said he was in the food court and to meet him there. I walked over and met a good looking guy. I sat down, and he began eating his lunch! He didn't even offer to get me anything. The date lasted twenty minutes (until he was done eating), and we hardly talked as I couldn't get a conversation started with him. I may be a little rusty on modern dating, but isn't it proper to wait for your date to arrive and eat together, and to actually offer to get your date something to eat, too?

— Ruth, 24

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