In Search of Barbie

A few years back, I was living in a large West Coast city and was exploring the personal ads. I had a few conversations with a fireman who "just couldn't find a woman who appreciated a real gentleman." Being a bit old-fashioned myself, he sounded promising. We met for afternoon cocktails one Saturday, and he turned out to be the most ill-mannered boor I'd met in awhile. He rambled endlessly about his ex-wife, and how she'd dumped him on their anniversary. He yakked about how a woman should "just know how to dress, with fishnet stockings and 5-inch heels" when she's taken out. No wonder his wife had left him! He was looking for Barbie! After awhile, I made an excuse about having an evening commitment and left. He didn't call, but he actually answered my ad again, not realizing I was the same woman!

— Cassie, 36

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