The Blind Date Bolt

I once was forced into going on a blind date with my friend's boyfriend's brother. I was not told about the date until I was at the mall with my friend. She knew I wouldn't go out with him, so she set me up. We went shopping and, surprise, there was her boyfriend and his brother. We shopped around together as a group, and then she and her boyfriend abandoned me with him. Yuk! To be honest, the brother was weird. He had his hands in his pant pockets and then in his pants. I mean IN his pants! EEK! He talked about marriage and children, and he wanted me to pick out his clothes. I went into one store, found an item to try on, and then told him I would be back in a minute. I left through the employee exit with the help of the salesclerk. He found out where I worked and stalked me for a year.

— Kimberly, 40

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