No Time For ME!

I have been dating this guy for about two years. Everything was going really good. We had gone through a bunch of stuff that hasn't stopped our relationship. Well, then he got all mad at me for some crap that he held in for two months. So, he wouldn't talk to me or anything. He says he wants more space and to spend more time with his friends without me, even though they are my friends, too. He got some space to where he cooled off and would talk to me but still wouldn't see me. We go to his sister's graduation and everything was ok, but it wasn't great. He told me about going up north, but said he didn't want me to come. Then one day he called and said that he wanted me to come up with these two other girls that he is friends with. I know the girls, but I don't consider them to be close friends of mine. Anyway, the night there was great. We stayed together the night we came back, too, and still everything was fine. I only saw him again after that when we did this thing for his sister, a few days after that for lunch, and then once at a fair, but he was with some friends and I was with mine. So, we didn't talk. He was with this one kid for the entire week. So, he had more time to himself and time enough to give to at least one friend. Still, he wouldn't have any contact with me. I called him the next day, and he couldn't wait for me to get off the phone with him. How nice is that? And he was obviously too busy for me again because he wanted to go to the fair again. Now that it's Wednesday, I have had no contact with him since. Now that is a half a week. Not fair at all. He has had a lot of space and time for his friends. Why can't I see him half of the time? Why can't we find a balance of the time I see him and when I don't instead of being totally shut out? Oh, and he wants to find out what he wants out of life. He is accepted to a college that he wants to go to and has two areas to major in. What else do you need? And how is it that he is going to find this out by hanging out with this kid and not me? Also, this kid has friends that he is probably like that steal stuff out of cars. Not a good path. And if he continues to act like this kid at their job, they will both probably get fired. He doesn't care about anything. It's all like, "Oh, well." I am worried about this path of his. He was always so much different than this. He was a well brought up kid, did nothing wrong, and you could always count on him. He was a big family person. Now he is always spending time with this kid and doesn't really see his family anymore. Everyone says it will get better, but I don't know. Or, they say I should dump him.

— Misty, 21

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