At Least He Knows

Last year during my senior year of college, I was getting really close with a guy. We spent a lot of time together, but he was always telling me there was "something he could never tell me." After spending three weeks together, we had sex. I don't sleep with many guys, so it was a big thing. Even though I wasn't expecting a relationship, the next day we had sex again. This was December, and we had one semester left before we graduated. So, I thought we'd keep seeing each other until then, just not as boyfriend and girlfriend or anything. That night after our second time, we were walking to campus and he was really upset about something. Finally, he told me that he actually lived with his ex-girlfriend/fiancé but hadn't wanted to tell me. I didn't see why he wouldn't tell me that, but he said that wasn't even the "thing he could never tell me." Well, obviously I decided I had to know what it was, so I kept guessing for the rest of the ten-minute walk. He kept saying no to the bad things I was guessing, like had he raped someone, or hit someone driving drunk, or something like that. Finally, just as we got to the street where we were going in different directions, I realized what it was. I turned to him and said, "You have a kid." He said yes, and that he decided he wasn't going to lie to me if I had guessed it. Well, I totally wasn't expecting this. None of my other friends my age had kids, and his son was already three years old. We were really close already, and I'm not always good at being angry. So, I was totally shocked but kept seeing him anyway. We were still really close. A few weeks later, he got back with his son's mother, but they broke up a few weeks after that. Then he went to stay with his own mother in Brazil for a few months. He had a different girlfriend for the fall and winter, but they just broke up. Now he wants to see about getting back together with me. I just have to laugh. At least he knows he screwed me over.

— Trish, 22

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