No Such Thing Anymore

I was about eighteen years old when I met this guy online. His name was John, and he was older than me. He was about twenty-five and was in the army in Texas. Well, we talked for about a month and everything seemed to be going well. He was sweet and loving. It was coming close to Christmas, and he said he wanted to meet me and my family. So, he said he was coming to meet me on Christmas Day because he had leave time then. I was so excited. I told everyone in my family that he was coming to meet us. Well, a week before he came, I bought him three Christmas gifts. I wrapped them up and put them under the tree. Well, Christmas finally came and he didn't show up. He stood me up on Christmas. I just laid in bed and cried almost all day. Then, finally, on New Years he called and said he came down sick and was in the hospital. Yeah, right! So, I called him the next day. He had his friends lie to me and say he wasn't there. So, finally his friend told me that he goes online telling girls he wants to be with them and then screws them over. I was so hurt. It made me finally realize that there is no such thing as a good loving man anymore.

— Wanda, 24

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