Don't Play A Playette

I met a bartender shortly after my divorce. After a few brief conversations, I had deemed him to be fling-worthy. Since he had the reputation, as most bartenders do, of being quite the playboy, I felt this would be a victimless fling with no hurt feelings. However, on one friendly outing, he started in about how he really enjoyed my company and how he hoped that the future would hold more promise for a relationship. Now, let's keep in mind that he had been dating three other women that I knew of at the same time. Here's the ironic part. When I politely rejected his plan for the future, he became quite mopey and claimed I had hurt his feelings. Needless to say, I walked. Lesson in life, boys; don't play a playette. And also, don't expect women to take you seriously if you have several girls hanging from your jock!

— Fiona, 31

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