Exhausted and Famished

I met this guy at my friend's engagement party. At the time, I didn't really notice him since I had a boyfriend. By the time of the wedding my boyfriend and I had broken up, and this guy from the party came over to talk to me. At first he said that he met me with my fiancé at the engagement party. I thought this was strange and corrected him that it was my ex-boyfriend. He apologized, and we ended up talking for the rest of the wedding. We exchanged numbers and spoke for a few nights afterwards. We decided to meet up for lunch one Friday after I had finished work. Since I had finished work early, I went by to meet him where he worked. When I got there, I asked where we were going to have lunch. He said that he wasn't hungry and that we should just walk around. So, I agreed. But after a few minutes in the ninety-degree heat, I told him I was starving since I had not eaten all day long. He said he did not know of any places we could go to, and then he tried to convince me that I did not need to eat lunch because I would eat a big meal for dinner. So, there I was. I had just finished work, was exhausted and famished, walking around in the heat, and this guy could have cared less. So, I finally said that I'd eat anywhere, I didn't care, I just needed some food. Across the street I noticed a falafel stand. I dragged him over there so I could get a sandwich. I ordered a $4.00 sandwich that my date did not even offer to pay for. Afterwards, I told him I had to go home. Luckily he was going to England for a few months so I would not have to see him again. After he got back, he started to call me again. I kept blowing him off until he finally got the hint. I have to say that girls hate cheap guys.

— Whitney, 22

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