Who Needs Enemies?

Girls, when you are living with a guy, and he says that he is going see his mom but doesn't think you should come, make sure that he is really going to see his mom and not an ex-girlfriend. I was living with this guy, and he always said he was going to see his mom but didn't think it was a good idea that I come along. Who was I not to believe him? Especially because every time I did call his mom's house to see when he was coming home or for whatever reason, he was always there. Still, he could never give me a reason as to why he never wanted me to go with him. Well, one day I called over there. He was outside doing something, and some girl answered the phone. I knew it wasn't his sister. When I asked who it was, I got an earful. She cursed me up and down, and said that she was pregnant with my man's baby. She said that he didn't want to be with me anymore and stuff like that. I came to find out that it was his ex-girlfriend who was at the house with his sister. I changed the locks the same night and would not talk to him for a week. Finally I gave in and we talked, but things never were the same. It was true that his ex was pregnant, but he said it wasn't his, and she said it was. So, I just decided to break the whole thing off with him instead of being in a relationship where I couldn't trust somebody. We talked for a little while after that as friends. He did get back together with her, and that's when I knew that everything he told me was a lie. So, I broke all ties with him. Who needs enemies when you have a friend like that?

— Clarissa, 20

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