Too Many Mistakes

For several weeks, this hot guy kept coming into my workplace. He sat in my section and kept asking me out. Finally, the guy I had been seeing cheated on me, so in disgust, I called this guy and accepted his invitation. He said he'd pick me up at my apartment (mistake number one), so my roommate agreed to meet us at the bar in case I hated him. Well, as the night progressed and I got drunker and drunker, I thought he was OK. My roommate eventually left, so my date had to take me home. Unfortunately, the more time I spent with him, the more he talked about himself and how much money he made. By the time he dropped me off, he had already asked me to go to Cancun with him. I barely knew him! Then he asked if he could come in to "use the bathroom" (mistake number two), and he didn't leave for 2 hours. The next day he showed up at my workplace belligerently drunk and begged for a ride home, which I gave him (mistake number three). It took me 2 months and a new job to get rid of the psycho!

— Jane, 25

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