The Bottomless Stranger

My boyfriend of almost a year lives with two other guys. One night, he came and picked me up from a party and drove me back to his house. We were so beat that we both fell right to sleep. At about 8:00 in the morning, I heard him talking to someone. I heard him say, "Go downstairs. Go downstairs." I thought it was his buddies coming up to his bedroom to screw with him, or something. When I opened my eyes and looked towards him, there was a girl standing over him that I had never seen before. I was so shocked and so confused that I didn't say anything. I just stared right at her. As soon as she saw me look at her, she scurried about, turned around, and went back down the stairs. She didn't say a word. When I went to watch her leave, I noticed that she had no bottoms on! She was wandering around the house in just a t-shirt and no underwear! After laughing for a bit, my boyfriend and I went back to bed. We were both very confused about what had just happened. So, the next morning, we asked one of his roommates if he knew who the mystery girl was we had seen the night before. Apparently, his roommate went out to a party that night, got drunk, and the girl ended up hanging out with him. So, after the party, he drove her back to the house. My boyfriend said that when she first walked up to his room, she sat on his computer chair and kept asking, "Where's Jeff?" We didn't even know a Jeff. Then, she came over to my boyfriend and tried to kiss him. She said, "You can be my baby, too." When I woke up, he was still trying to push her off of him. To this day, we are still confused as to why some strange girl would walk around without panties, in a house she's never been to before, and try to kiss strange men. My boyfriend's roommate still denies doing anything with the girl.

— Marybeth, 20

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