So Much For Second Chances

I actually was silly enough to respond to a guy I used to know who acted like a moron five years ago. He found me on one of the online dating services. He came on as strong as he could. He was delighted to have found me, and realized he had blown a good thing five years ago. Although he is living in another state now, he has been considering moving back near where I live. He was thrilled to find me. He called every night. We spoke for two to three hours each night. He's saved all the emails we wrote back then. He said he still adores me, and is now anxious to move back here because of me. I suggested we visit a bit first before he moves. He went ballistic. He turned into one of the meanest men I've ever talked to or written to. Then, with no provocation, he turned into a monster. I don't remember him being this mean and cruel five years ago. Despite all this, we actually went out on one dinner date. He stood me up for our second date. He got stopped for speeding. He left a rose for me that I returned. If that isn't a dating disaster, what is? I wish I could give his name to warn other women! I should be grateful I dodged a bullet.

— Whitney, 30

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