Second Grade Dating Antics

I met this guy through the new fad of online dating. His profile seemed pretty impressive. He was a working professional, a dentist namely, and he enjoyed the outdoors and doing many different athletic activities. He looked cute, too. Well, we set up a time and place to meet. We introduced ourselves and began the evening. At first, he wasn't really what I expected. However, I thought maybe if given some extra time we would warm up to one another. The evening became progressively more awkward with him divulging everything about his horrible childhood and his self -esteem issues. To make it more awkward and worse, he asked, "Do you like seafood?" I said, "It's alright." He then proceeded to show me all his chewed up food in his mouth. I thought that was done with in the second grade! So, ladies, if you ever are interested in online dating, have some questions answered before you meet up, and get a coffee or a drink instead of dinner!

— Sandy, 28

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