Rude and Crude

I went on a blind date that my best friend set up. She told me he was a nice, cute cop, so I thought I'd give him a chance. I told my sister I wasn't going to let him in if he wasn't that attractive. When he showed up, the first thing I noticed was his huge eyes, which made him look frightened all the time. I opened the door just enough to squeeze out, but he wasn't going for that. He pushed the door open and forced himself into my house. After meeting my sister and my nephew, we left. As I closed the door, my sister burst out in uncontrollable laughter. We got in his SUV, and the date began. He asked where I thought we should go, and I suggested the movies. He said he didn't like the movies, and we were going to a comedy show. When I asked him why he'd asked me where I wanted to go if he already had plans, he got a little upset and said, "If you want to go to the movies, we'll go." When we got to the theater, he instantly took over and picked a movie for us to watch. Then the guy behind the counter told us the movie was sold out. My date got upset, called the counter guy a liar, and then proceeded to tell everyone in line that they should get out of line because the movie was sold out. By this time I was hiding in embarrassment. I did finally manage to pull my head out of my shell and drag him away, suggesting that we go to another theater. He agreed, but when we got to the second theater, he didn't want to get out of his SUV. Then he brought the comedy show back up, saying that he thought we should go. So I asked him why he wanted to go so badly, and she replied that the tickets were free, and he didn't want to waste them. By that time, his attitude had really gotten on my nerves, so I told him I didn't want to go. Then he decided to take me to pier in the middle of December. I was cold and, by that time, very tired of him. We sit by the water not talking to each other, but he kept himself amused by calling other people names as they walked by. I really thought someone was going to kill us, so I suggested we go to dinner. He asked where we should go, and I suggested the restaurant that was located on the pier. He rejected that idea because the restaurant cost too much. I asked him what he considered too expensive, and he replied that $10 a plate was excessive. After that I was ready go home, but for him the date was going great. We finally headed back to the car to leave, but on the way he decided to pick me up and spin me around. I didn't understand that, but by that point I thought he was a total psycho, and I didn't want to make any sudden moves or say anything that could possibly upset him. After my head stopped spinning, he opened the door for me, and I got in. He then locked all the doors and stood outside his car. This is it, I thought, he's going to blow up the car and kill me. We just looked at each other until he eventually unlocked the doors, walked over to his side of the car, and got in. I asked him what that had been about. He said, "You can tell a lot about a woman if she unlocks the door for you." So I asked him if he could stop somewhere, because I was really thirsty. "OK," he said, and we went to a Burger King drive-through. When the girl came on the intercom and asked if she could take his order, he responded by shouting at her and asking what a BK Broiler was. When she told him, he ordered a combo for himself and drove away from the order window. Then he looked at me and said, "Do you want something?" In total disgust, I said no. We pulled up to the pickup window, he got his food, and we left. Still headed in a direction that would not take us home, we came across a gas station. He stopped and said, "Well, you can get your drink--and while you're in there, get me a pink lemonade." I had thought he was at least going to buy the drinks. Wrong! I got out and went inside, buying drinks for us both. Then we ended up sitting in the parking lot until 1 a.m. After talking to all the homeless people, he decided to leave. Pulling me close, he said he had a secret. "I'd like to see you again," he whispered in my ear. I pushed away, telling him I'd think about it. He said that was OK but pulled me close once more. Eventually we got home, and as soon as the car stopped outside my house, I jumped out. I told him he was the worst date ever, that I didn't want him calling me anymore, and I definitely didn't want to go out with his cheap ass again. "OK," he replied, "but could you please throw my trash away?" I told him to shove it up his ass. As he pulled away, he threw the trash in the street. I'm still friends with the girl who set us up, but I've never forgiven her for it.

— Margo, 27

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