A Disastrous First Kiss

I was at a graduation party at night. To get away from the smoke of fireworks and cigars, this friend of mine and I went on the side of the house and sat down on the air conditioner. We were talking and getting closer and closer until he finally put his arm around me. As I looked up, he firmly planted his lips on mine and started to French kiss me. Since it was my first kiss, I decided that I wanted to enjoy it whether I liked him or not. I hit my lips on his braces and went to turn my head, but our noses got stuck (his was kind of big)! I couldn't get past it! I kept on trying to move, but his nose just got in the way. I almost started laughing. Then I realized that I was beginning to drown, so I pulled away and gasped for air as I felt my face dripping. I had to wipe off my face many times just to get it all off! Then I removed his hands from my thighs (which disgusted me), and I told him that I only wanted to be friends. Then I just walked away. It was one of the funniest and most disgusting things that I have ever done. This kiss would probably have been a great runner-up for a sit-com worst kiss scenario. I had expected better from him since he had dated many girls. I haven't seen him since, and I don't want to.

— Courtney, 19

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