Mama Is Always Right

I realize that some mothers, at times, think that no one is either good enough or just the "right" person for their son or daughter. I have been right, most of the time. This is about my middle son, Kirk. Kirk brought his girlfriend and small child to meet us. I liked her. She was very polite and spoke highly of my son being a "father-like" figure to her son. I phoned the other two siblings to let them know that I liked her. I was surprised to hear their dissenting response. Three months later, Kirk called me to say they decided to get married later in the year, and that he never felt this way about anyone before. My response was only good things for him and Holly. Besides, they marry each other, not the parents or siblings. It's his decision. However, Kirk didn't know that she was going around town telling lies about me and my other two children. There was a lot about Holly that Kirk would soon learn about. The home Kirk rented for them is filthy, and her son hardly ever gets a bath. Kirk works all day, yet Holly says that it's Kirk's job to wash the dishes, clean the bathroom, and vacuum the house. She claims she is ill and has allergies, therefore she can't exert herself or be near dust or chemicals for cleaning. I have been very patient, in my opinion, because sometimes patience has its good points. Women and men dig their own holes. She has already dug deep enough to bury herself. Kirk announced to all of us just last week that the wedding is off. Thank God! His eyes are opening up to the kind of devious person she really is. This is not everything. Far from it. If I repeated all the lies she tells everyone, you would think that I was just another mother who didn't like the future daughter-in-law. Just a little advice to moms; sometimes you can sit back, be patient, and things work out for the best. And, sometimes, you can't. It takes a lot to keep my mouth shut when I know I am right. Kirk is a very open and kind-hearted person who will help anyone off the street. That's exactly where he found this person he was going to marry! I kept saying my prayers and kept a record of every time a friend called me with some news. I sat back and waited for the right time to speak with my son and his siblings together. He made the right decision.

— "Mom", 49

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