Fishnet With Hair

Years ago, a friend of mine set me up with one of the salesmen she worked with. She told me he was nice, good-looking, made a good living, and was looking to settle down. Not only that, but he dressed in the most beautiful custom-tailored suits she had ever seen. I talked to him a few times on the phone, and he just seemed too good to be true. We agreed to meet at the bar in a local hotel one evening. Well, I walked into the hotel and looked over at the bar, which was in an atrium across the lobby. There were three gentlemen sitting at the bar. Two were businessmen; the third was a guy with an intriguing yellow-on-black sweater. I thought that my friend had been right: He was a good dresser and was very good-looking. I gave him a big smile as I crossed the room. When I got closer to him, I saw that the yellow-and-black sweater was actually a fishnet sweater over a black T-shirt, and he had a big gold medallion hanging around his neck. OK, I thought, so maybe he isn't such a great dresser. After all, it was January, and neither fishnet sweaters nor big gold medallions were exactly in style. As I got closer, I realized to my horror that he was wearing a yellow fishnet sweater over his extremely hairy body! I could actually see his pelt through the sweater he had on. He gave me this huge smile and stood up. I pretended to be waving to someone on the other side of the bar, and just kept on walking, hightailing it away from there as fast as I could go.

— Cheryl, 33

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