Sweet but Sweaty

A friend kept bugging me to go out with this guy she knew. I hate blind dates, but I'd been in a dating slump, so I agreed to meet him for lunch. He ended up being gorgeous, intelligent, rich, and seemed very normal. I was instantly a nervous wreck! The waitress sat us over near the windows in the restaurant so we could enjoy the view. It was an unseasonably warm winter day and I'd worn a wool blazer. Between my nerves and the sun beating in the window, I began to sweat profusely! Things just got worse as the lunch went on, and I was too nervous to take off my blazer because I knew my shirt would be soaked underneath it. I ended up swabbing myself with napkins during the entire lunch. He was trying to be nice but I looked like I'd just run a marathon, and could tell he was completely grossed out. Later, he told my friend that I "seemed nice" but just "wasn't his type."

— Anne, 28

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