Online Dating Dud

I just joined a personal dating service online and I found this guy who lived within three or four miles of me. "Great!" I thought. We went out on a date and I found him to be very nice. However, he couldn't stop talking about his ex-wife and his ex-girlfriend. He asked if he could call me on a certain date during the week, and then even followed up with an email confirming he would talk to me that night. Well, he did not call. I responded to his email the next day with funny multiple choice questions as to why he never called. He responded with a lengthy email telling me how he got tied up that night with other phone calls. He said he had been on the phone with his ex-girlfriend discussing her son's brain tumor, and that they also talked about how they were going to divide their accumulated property since they were now broken up. Fine, I didn't have a problem with that. I did, however, start to get irritated when he further wrote that he had also been on the phone that evening talking with friends who were having relationship problems. I couldn't help but to wonder why he was worrying about another couple's relationship instead of concentrating on ours. He went to see some friends over the 4th of July holiday. On his ride home, he called me and told me that his "ex" showed up at the same place with her new boyfriend. He said she was constantly hugging and kissing this man. He told me he was so upset that he cried all night, and then left for home at 5:00 AM the next morning because he was so distraught. Now my question to you is: Is this guy NUTS OR WHAT?!! Does he ever think I would go out with him again? And what does he think he is doing putting an ad in the personals?

— Deborah, 27

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