Rock Lobster

I had this very formal date with a friend of a friend. He was an investment broker who was very successful and was supposed to be a lot of fun. He went to college with my friend who is a class clown type. Anyway, it was a fancy place so I wore an evening dress. There was dancing and a smooth-jazz-quartet; a real splurge for a blind date. He was dressed in a beautiful tux, and he was very handsome and well groomed. I was impressed! He ordered a bottle of champagne, and we looked at the menus while we talked. I was beginning to relax. I got Beef Wellington, which I almost never get, but it seemed like a festive occasion. I was glad he ordered lobster, so it was ok that we were splurging. I was impressed that he chose the rock lobster, which I never had. When he gave our orders, he repeated "rock lobster" to me in a kind of sing-songy voice. I thought maybe he was afraid our waiter would give him the regular lobster. Then he started singing the song "Rock Lobster" at this fancy place! I wanted to die! I must have looked shocked, I guess, so he stopped. We went back to talking but when the food came, he started singing "Rock Lobster" again! I have never left a date before, but I asked him to quiet down or take me home. He apologized, and we had dessert. Then he told my friend after the date that I had no sense of humor!

— Sandra, 27

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