Double Date Diss

My friend and I met two hot guys and they invited us for a double date the next week end. For some odd reason, I didn't stop at the ATM for money. I assumed she would have pocket money. She didn't stop for money because she thought I had money. So both of our guys show up to meet us at the bar. They keep seeing people they know at the bar, in the street, everywhere. Both are like social butterflies and keep leaving us to go say "hi" to this girl, or that girl. It was getting embarrassing sitting at the bar with empty drinks each time they would take off because neither of us had money. We were laughing to ourselves about how rude to keep leaving us. Two gay guys sitting next to us watched the whole thing happen. They ended up giving us cab money, saying, "You two pretty girls shouldn't have to put up with this!!"

— Kristen, 35

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