Deadbeat Prom Date

My first "serious" relationship was with a boy 2 years younger than me that I had had a crush on for a really long time. We finally hooked up after my first year at college, and after we had been dating for a year he was ready to graduate from high school. Having not had the chance to go to my own high school prom, I was really thrilled about being able to finally attend the big event with him, even if I was two years late in doing it. My boyfriend and I had been having some relationship difficulties, but I thought things were getting better because he had gone all out for my birthday which was three days before the prom. WRONG. He came to pick me up on prom night and as we were walking to the car I commented that he looked great in his tux. He did not reply with the expected, "Thanks, you look great too," but instead said, "I know." I then tried to thank him for the bouquet of flowers he had gotten me in lieu of a corsage, to which he replied, "My parents got them for you." We drove in silence to a friend's house to meet for the limo, and he further avoided me like the plague all through dinner. Things only got worse from there. At the actual prom he ditched me numerous times and refused to slow dance with me because he was "too tired." However, immediately after the slow dances were over, he had enough energy to hop up and dance with his friends! At one point when I tried to wrap my arms around him for a slow dance he pushed me away and yelled at me. I ran to the bathroom crying only to have a security guard threaten to throw me out of the hotel for causing a disturbance with my bawling. At the after-party I was in such a depression that I went upstairs to sleep, hoping that he would come upstairs to see if I was ok and apologize for his behavior. It never happened, and the next day not only did I find him sleeping on the living room floor snuggled up with a female "friend" of ours, but I found out that the reason he never came to check on me was because he went out and got stoned with his friends, something that he knows I hate! It was, without a doubt, one of the worst nights of my life.

— Sandy, 21

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