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I dated this older man. That's really not my thing since most men can act like boys, which later proved a most poignant point. He was sexy, sweet, and kind at least. Or so I thought at the time. We hit it off sexually; he was ok in the bedroom, no complaints. I can't complain when I don't get it that often. So, we continued to date. I believe that communication is the key, especially when there are feelings involved. For some reason, he never came out to say that he liked me a lot. He didn't want to seem like a punk, or whatever was the case. So, as we talked, he just changed the subject and didn't want to talk about it. He would get snooty if I pressed the issue and he wasn't telling me that he was seeing someone else. He would always make his son out to be the excuse; too involved in his work. But, he wanted to tie me up and have rough sex with me. I didn't play that, so one day; I just asked him if I wasn't his only booty. He laughed and said that he hadn't been with anybody since the last time he had seen me, but I guess I didn't believe that. I told him don't contact me anymore, then he flipped the script and said that I was crazy and to lose his number. So I lost it, I don't call him. But, in that too, I believe that he had feelings for me and didn't convey them. So, I didn't quite understand where he was coming from. I am a forgiving person; my spirit is too defined to be angry (sounds familiar!). So, I'm not really angry with him, just thought he needed to talk more. It just seemed like he had something to hide and needed some sex, but I'm not the type of person that just turns my feelings off to suit someone else's needs. Communicate!

— Lily, 27

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