Friends are Forever

I was going out with this boy and we really loved each other. We used to do everything together, but one day he took an interest in my best mate. He was a bit of a boob man and my best mate happened to have bigger breasts than me, so he dumped me for her. There was one thing that he didn't know, that I was pregnant. Well, his new girlfriend and I were not friends anymore. About two months later, I found out that my mate was pregnant and he dumped her because he didn't want a baby, but we were both stuck. We were both pregnant and carrying the same mans baby. I came home from my mum's after staying there for a while and I told my mate that I was pregnant, although she could tell. I had a shock that she was to. We are friends now and we will always be, but we both hate the same man for leaving us both with a child. If anyone falls out with their friends over a boy, it is not worth it really because friends are forever.

— Susanne, 25

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