Bad Night at the Movies

I was going out with this guy I really had been madly in love with since the 6th grade. We went to a pizza place and walked to the movies. When we got in the place, he bought his movie ticket and a bunch of food (for himself). Then, he just left me hanging. During the movie, he was putting moves on me, which I really didn't mind. But, I had taken a big drink of coke with ice when he reached over and kissed me. It was horrible; as he was kissing me, water from the ice was dripping down our faces and my hair was caught on the seat. I kicked my purse and it spilled everywhere and I could hear my stuff rolling down to the screen. Then, he had to sneeze! He sneezed all over my face. After that, he wanted to leave the movie. So, as I was getting up, he slapped my butt and said, ''Move it.'' We went out into the parking lot and were dancing out there and he just gave me a peck on the lips. Five minutes later, he puked all over my shoes and clothes. I haven't talked to him since.

— Marina, 19

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