No Hickies

Last summer, I was in this internship in a small town. I was pretty bored because there was nothing to do and most of the guys I saw around were already taken. I eventually got to talking to this cute guy, Gerald, who hung around the lab for the summer because his best friend from college worked there. As the days passed, I began to like him more and more and I noticed that he seemed to like me too. I still wasn't sure until, one evening, as I left the library, he came after me. He was sort of hesitating, waiting for me to make the first move, I guess. He asked if I wanted to come hang out at his house because he lived alone and nearby. Inside, I jumped at the opportunity. We bought pizza and rented a movie; afterwards, we just talked. I was getting hot sitting that close to him, and then he mentioned that his wrist was aching a little, so I just held it and massaged it slowly, all the while pretending not to notice that his face was getting closer and closer to mine and his eyes gazing hungrily at my lips. Finally, our lips touched and we began making out on his sofa. A few minutes later, he got up motioning for me to follow his lead. We ended up in his bedroom and continued to make love. So far, so good, right? I wanted him so badly that before I knew it, our clothes had come off. Then it began. His manhood was so small; I had to stifle my feelings. He tried his best to enter me, but I know that he couldn't stay in, no matter how easy I tried to make it. He then began to kiss my neck and I did the same to him. I was getting caught up in the moment when he suddenly said, "Don't kiss my neck because I don't want anyone in the lab to see hickies." I was mortified, but kept going. Every time I approached his neck though, he stopped me and said, "From the neck down is fine, but no hickies." That did it for my mood and I guess it was just as well because he soon fell asleep right there and then. In my fit, I couldn't help but think sarcastically that the poor boy was all worn out from trying to properly hook up with me. I sure had a lot of time to think about it because he snored so loudly all night long that I didn't sleep a wink. The next day, he slept all day until the phone rang. He said that I had to leave because his best friend and her student were coming over and the wimp didn't want to have to explain my presence there. I just felt so used and screwed over at the end of that summer, not to mention memories of the worst almost-sex I ever had.

— Meredith, 22

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