Always have an Escape Route

I went out with this guy that worked as a barber next to the beauty shop that I go to weekly. Every week, he would ask me out, and one day, I finally agreed to go out with him. He was incredibly handsome with a beautiful smile, so I figured it would be worth it to go out with him. About an hour prior to our date, he called and asked if we could meet at the restaurant because he was late getting off work and wouldn't have time to dress/shower/shave/etc AND drive across town to pick me up. No big deal, we agreed to meet at this nice out-of-the-way Japanese restaurant. If you've ever had Japanese cuisine in the U.S., then you know that you usually end up sitting at a table with other people. When I arrived, he was already there and DRUNK! He proceeded to tell me (and the other 6 people at the table, loudly) how he fantasized about making love to me - in VERY graphic detail. He then goes on to tell me (and the other 6) how he masturbates with butter at night. EWWW!! Like the lady that I am, I politely excused myself, saying that I needed to use the restroom. I slipped out of the door and went home! I am SO glad that I agreed to meet him there. Talk about weirdoes! Sheesh! Needless to say, it never hurts to drive your own car (or have an escape route mapped out).

— Monique, 32

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