Desperate Date

One of my worst dates took place about 15 years ago on New Year's Eve, ending the next day on my birthday. Now, looking back, I can't imagine why the guy even asked me out, unless he was embarrassed to go to his favorite annual party alone. He certainly didn't want to be with me. He took me to an indoor golf range, and then told me to pair up with a friend of his to play golf. I had never even touched a golf club in my life, so I didn't expect to play the game well. But, I did try. I ended up with a middle aged man tutoring me the whole night. That man was the one I was with when the clock struck 12:00; my date was nowhere near. I couldn't think of a quick excuse for why I didn't want to kiss a stranger on my birthday, so I went on a date with a man I considered a potential lover, only to get a midnight kiss from someone who was old enough to be my father. When my date took me home later, he admitted that he was in love with someone else, and then left. So this date went from bad to deplorable. And I thought it was only women who got desperate to have a date, any date, on New Year's Eve.

— Sarah, 47

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