Cheesy Questions

A friend insisted that I go out a date with her brother-in-law, this "great-looking" doctor from New Orleans, while he was in town. We were supposed to go out on the lake and water-ski with some friends, and then go out for a late dinner. When he came to the door to pick me up, he was wearing cutoff army pants, with no shirt, no shoes, and major bed head. He was also really skinny, with red freckles all over his body. His hair--big and fluffy disco hair that was stuck to one side of his head--looked like a huge cheese wedge! On my hands and knees, I begged my sister to tell him that I was sick and couldn't go, but she was laughing so hard she wouldn't. I got in the car with him, and he asked why I was wearing makeup, saying that he wanted to see me without it. Then he asked if any "hell water" (meaning alcoholic beverages) had ever passed my lips, and I said yes. He told me he was so disappointed! I told him I wanted to go home and that I wouldn't be going out to dinner with him. I found out later that my friend had tried to set this guy up with a lot of girls in town. We all had a great laugh at what a "catch" he supposedly was!

— Gina, 34

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