The Door Man

Some girlfriends and I went for a drink near Beacon Street in Boston one afternoon, to catch up. We walked toward the "T" and my friend Laura said she needed to stop by her old job and get some paper work or something. We went with her; the place was a small, super posh hotel and restaurant. A door man greeted us with, "Hey, Laurie, where have you been? You didn't let me steal your heart before you left." While she went in to do her business, we sat in the bar had drinks and a complimentary cheese plate. Laura came back and joined us. Maggie thought that the bartender was hot and Laura fancied another guy that worked there. So, I was left looking around for a cutie to bring with us bar hopping. Just then, the loud door man came around the corner and Laura introduced him to us. His name was Ryan and I got a good look at him and decided that he'd do. So, I asked him to join us and he agreed. We left and I went in his car. A friend of Laura's had a gig in Cambridge, so we all went. I brought Ryan home with me and he slept over (no sex). He went to work the next day and came to my place right after work again. That happened for 9 months. We spent every day together from then on; we were even supposed to move to San Diego together. We got along so well, we could make each other laugh until we couldn't breathe. We would make each other gifts and bring each other flowers. I was totally in love and so was he (so he said, anyway). Eight months later, I got pregnant. We weren't ready, so I had an abortion. A month after that, I caught a nasty illness and was laid up for a week or so. The whole time I was sick, he was very supportive, taking care of me, saying he loved me more that any thing, etc. A day or two after I got well, he dumped me saying that he never loved me, I was an awful person, and I should get over him ASAP. I haven't been able to trust any one since my heart was smashed. I'll be fine though, I'm sure. It just takes time.

— Samantha, 27

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