Trust Your Intuition

After my boyfriend of 5 years broke up with me, I was devastated. My sweet new friend decided she would make me feel better by hooking me up with one of her life long friends. When I first met Lenny, I thought he was nice, but that there was something that was weird about him. I decided to invite him to my graduation party so that all of my friends could see if I was right, or if I was just being stupid since I still had strong feelings for my ex. When Lenny arrived, one of my brother's friends ran over to me and freaked out. She grabbed me and explained that Lenny had a criminal record for a sexual crime. I couldn't believe my ears, so I ran a check the next day. My brother's friend certainly was not lying. When I asked our match-maker about the situation, she denied any knowledge of a criminal history on Lenny. I found it incredibly strange that she mentioned how my ex-boyfriend had no criminal history and that she had criminal histories on several folks in our social circle (everyone, except for Lenny, naturally). It was even better when she mentioned she had a criminal history and that it's all "no big deal". What did I learn from this? Go with your gut. If you think someone is weird, or something is off -- trust your intuition.

— Valerie, 26

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