Mystery Disappearance

I was going through a dating dry spell several years ago and resorted to the Internet to meet new people. Huge mistake! After weeding through the hundreds of horny idiots who answered my ad, I finally started having phone conversations with a seemingly nice ex-Marine. After a few weeks of phone correspondence, we agreed to meet for dinner at a nice steakhouse. I get there dressed to the nines (I looked good), and this freak was in full camouflage gear, complete with the boots, haircut, and wild-eyed look of a killing machine. He spent the entire dinner talking about the obstacle courses he'd set up in his back yard, his M16 rifle, and the Corps. The worst part? He had been out of the Marines for over 5 years! I told him I had to go to the bathroom, and I never came back.

— Anna, 30

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