First Date Fiasco

This guy whom I had thought the world of finally asked me out. I was so excited. When the plans came down to it, he asked me to meet him at his house. So I did. I drove 30 minutes to meet him at his place. When I got to the door, his roommate drunk girlfriend answered the door. Loud and reeking, she yelled at Tim to come to the door. As I walked in, more drunk donkies were laying on the couch watching the X-files. Tim came out and said, "Are y'all ready to go?" Everyone got up and started to get their things to go with us. Remember, this is the "first date". So, I go with the flow and figure that maybe we will hang out with them for a bit first, and then he will take me somewhere. Boy, I was wrong. He and I went in his car; the others went separate. We were going to party downtown. On the way there, we were talking and it was great. We pulled up to this house full of people. About 10 minutes into the party, I got lost coming back from the bathroom … it was a huge home. I ended up finding my date in the kitchen, drinking with his friends. An hour or two went by and he was wasted drunk. I told him I had to go because my roommate got locked out. That was a huge lie; I had to get out of the place and away from him. I offered to drive, since he was so drunk (gosh, this guy seemed classy before that night!). Then, he offered a ride to one of his drunk friends ... 45 minutes out of the way. On the way to this guy's house, Tim was hanging his head of the car and barfing. Meanwhile, the drunk guy in the back seat was yelling at his girlfriend on his cell phone, calling her everything you can imagine. After we drop off this friend of his, Tim passed out. I was in some small, freaky town and I had no idea on how to get out of there and back to his house. It took me almost an hour to get back on the freeway. He even tried to get me to stay the night with him! I was out of there. It was a nightmare I hope to one day forget; not only was my crush a jerk, but he was a lush as well. What a first date that was!

— Deanna, 25

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