Evening With a So-Called Friend

While on vacation in Trinidad, West Indies, I ended up going on a date with this guy who I wasn't really attracted to, but he and I were pretty good friends. Being that we hung out before, when he asked me to go out on a real date with him I figured what the heck, go out with him and have a great time. WRONG MOVE. I spent the first 45 minutes of this date playing pool and drinking with him, his brother, and his brother's girlfriend at this little pub. That was cool, but I noticed while we were there that he and the brother's girlfriend were quite flirty with each other. It wasn't the alcohol, because he doesn't even drink. Thirty minutes and forty flirting moves with the brother's girlfriend later, he started asking me repeatedly was I tired and was I feeling okay. I said I was fine, even though I was thoroughly pissed at his actions. We left the pub just minutes later and his brother dropped us off at the movie theater. As we got out, he whispered for his brother's girlfriend to call him at 10 p.m. She just laughed it off and closed the car door. We got in the movie theater and, within thirty minutes of the movie, I hear this sound. I look to my left and this fool has his head down to his chest, asleep AND snoring. I nudged him and he pulled a, "I'm not sleeping; it's congestion due to my bronchitis." Yeah, right! After the movie was over, we went outside to wait on a cab. Now, he starts talking about how the movie that he sporadically slept through, reminded him about how his ex-girlfriend cheated on him. I just blew it off, because I knew this date was O-V-E-R. We arrived at my hotel room twenty minutes later and he told me how much fun he had and how he wanted to stay longer, but he was so tired. I told him with an urgency that he'd better get going, since he was tired and to call me when he arrived home so that I knew he was safe. I watched him as he left, and about 10 p.m. his phone rang and his whole demeanor changed. That, "I'm sleepy" mode turned into a child skipping around like they were in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. Needless to say, I knew who it was. Also needless to say, he and I never went out with each other again. But, I have to say, the greatest part of this date was, as he left all happy from this other woman calling him, a guy that he introduced me to and I kept in touch at that moment came walking up the walkway to my hotel room. He saw us hugging each other. It was the greatest payback for such a jacked up evening.

— Tara, 25

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