It's Not How it Looks

Oh, I do not know where to begin. I was out drinking with my friends at a local hotspot bar, when I saw my recent ex boyfriend of four years in line with an all too familiar girl. In order to play the "I'm cool" part, my friend, who is also recently single, and I decided tonight was our party night. Needless to say, we got trashed. She was singing her heart out and I was totally dancing by myself; not too bad either. Toward the end of the night, I spotted a guy friend who always had a thing for me and I for him. We walked out holding hands, and he ran down the stairs and made a scene. I scrammed to my friends, trying to avoid attention to myself. The guy and I met up at the VIP parking lot, where we locked lips against a car. If it was not enough drama, the car's owner came up and picked a fight. My friend and he went at it physically, and I scrammed again, pulling my friend who was hooking up with another of his friends. We were so surprised at the locking of the lips, my friend and I went over to our driver and I start telling her about the kiss; very loudly may I add. I never realized my ex was behind us the whole time. Yeah, that's not it. The girl he was with was the guy I kissed ex girlfriend, and she was there too. So, in a sad way, my ex probably thinks I tired to get back at him by kissing his dates ex and by saying it loudly in the parking lot; when, in reality, I did not even see him and I had no intention of playing jealously games. I just wanted some action. But, the damage is done and the perception is out that I was "getting back at my ex."

— Kate, 21

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