Dream Date ... NOT!

I was once set up on a blind date by a friend of mine. When my date (my friend's cousin) got there, I was shocked. I opened the door and looked down at my date who was at least a foot shorter than me, had hair uncombed and a 10 o'clock, not 5 o'clock, shadow. We left and as we were going down the street, he turned on the radio in his powder blue Saab. What was playing? Polka music! Not to mention the singers sounded like Alvin and the Chipmunks. He ran a few stop signs and almost got us killed. We decided to go to a state park for a hike. Needless to say, he got us lost and hours later, we made it to a house to call the sheriff to come get us and take us to the car, as the park had already closed. He then took me to meet his mother! She talked of holidays and marriage ... yikes. I told him I had to get home. As I was getting out of the car, he grabbed me and kissed me. He then said, "let's get in the backseat!" I never saw him again, but I do wonder if his face ever healed from the punch I gave him.

— Donna, 25

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