There was Something About Him

My first date with this guy was terrible; it was a blind date, and we went out with a couple we both knew. Neither of us could talk because the girl we were with just talked continuously the whole time. We agreed to go out on a second date alone; I was somewhat interested in the guy. Our second date was just the two of us. We talked and drove around to where he used to live; he showed me where he and his ex girlfriend used to meet to make out, etc. Then, he wanted to go back to his place. He asked me into his bedroom. I was becoming concerned, but he sat at his desk. He wanted to show me how many chat rooms he had been banned from and how many more he could be banned from in a matter of minutes. Then, on the way home, I had to threaten to walk because I lived on curvy roads and he was doing anywhere from 90-110mph. In spite of all of this, something about him attracted me. This summer, we just had our 6th wedding anniversary, and have two wonderful children together. To this day, I have never met a man that treats his woman any better.

— Stacey, 26

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